The Thomas Cromwell Pages

cromwell.pngSlaw is proud to announce The Thomas Cromwell Pages.

The selection of a new judge for the Supreme Court is an important event and now one that involves a protracted and intriguing process. Slaw believes it is important to make available widely as much relevant information as possible about the current nominee, Mr. Justice Cromwell. Accordingly we have created The Thomas Cromwell Pages, a collection of pages highlighting various aspects of Mr. Justice Cromwell’s work and the views that others hold of his suitability and judicial character.

In these pages you will find a selection of his judgments, 10 things we think he will bring to the Court, a list of his writings, and an overview of the selection process by which the next justice will be chosen.

The Thomas Cromwell Pages is a work in progress. There will be some time until the Parliamentary hearing that will question Mr. Justice Cromwell, and in that time we hope to enrich these pages as information becomes available to us. For one thing, we want to know from you what questions you would like to see asked of the nominee, and so we will soon suggest a few of our own and invite yours by way of comment. For another, when details about the hearing become known, we will provide them to you, along with as much helpful background information as we can obtain.

Please feel free to let us know if there are things you would like to see added to The Thomas Cromwell Pages and, of course, what your views are about what is already there.

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