Back to School…

It’s been a few months since I’ve posted to Slaw (tsk, tsk) so I thought I’d try and redeem myself and share two legal research wikis that I’ve created using PBWiki, for two courses I’m teaching this term. The first one is CML1101: Principles of Legal Research. It’s for all first-year students in the Common Law English program at uOttawa. I’m teaching the bulk of the sections (8) while my colleague teaches the rest (4) as well as the equivalent course for all first-year students in Common Law French. Another colleague is instructing all first-year Droit civil students in legal research. Yup, we’re busy.

The other course is one that I’m co-teaching en français pour la première fois, DCL5501: Méthodologie de la recherche juridique which is for graduate students. The wiki for this course is not as robust as the first one (yet). However, I did manage to add one link after reading Simon’s post on Obiter2. It’s truly a fantastic resource!

Over the next few weeks’ I’ll be adding content to both of these public wikis, destined of course for our students, but I hope some of the information and resources might be of use to other legal research instructors (why reinvent the wheel?!). Of special note is a legal citation tutorial I created over the summer using Adobe Captivate. It was my first attempt at an online tutorial so I’m sure some improvements could be made.

C’est tout pour le moment, Slawyers! Bonne rentrée!


  1. Cecilia, This is a great resource and a fabulous use of a wiki. Very inspiring!

    You may be interested to see the post and comments about resource sharing on the CALL KM blog. The discussion over there was initiated by Slaw contributor Wendy Reynolds.

  2. Thanks for pointing to the CALL KM blog, Shaunna. Very interesting comments indeed!