Jureeka in Canada

It seems we have not posted Jureeka to Slaw yet. It is a service that provides linkages between legal information searchers and providers. As part of the effort, it offers a Firefox extension that detects legal citations on the web and displays them as links. The extension is now is functional for citations to Canadian resources, including

  • The Constitution Acts (1867 and 1982)
  • Supreme Court cases from 1876 to the present (S.C.R. and SCC citations)
  • Federal Court cases from 1988 to the present (F.C. citations)
  • Consolidated Statutes of Canada
  • Consolidated Regulations of Canada

The fact that such extensions mess with, or ‘improve’ the work of the authors of webpages can be a bit of a problem sometimes, though. Especially if you have multiple such extensions attached to your browser. Thanks to Tim Knight for posting this to the CALL list.


Some users have reported difficulties installing this add-on. Also, it has ‘experimental’ status at Mozilla, meaning it has not been fully tested…


  1. It’s still being Beta tested, which also means it could potentially include malware.

  2. I would encourage anyone with questions to contact the developer Michael Poulshock. He was very receptive when I asked him about the then absent Canadian resources adding the sources cited above almost immediately after I contacted him. As noted this is still in ‘beta’ but he is planning to continue to expand the Canadian sources. I seriously doubt there is any malicious intent underlying this add-on.