Social Network on Jurafide for American Clients

Those connected to me on various social networks know that I’m tapped into pretty much every one, largely to familiarize myself and review them for their personal utility for client development.

Jurafide stands out and is of particular interest because it is designed for non-American lawyers marketing to American clients. Doesn’t seem to get more niche than that.

The site is intended to provided a competitive advantage to American businesses searching for lower costs, emerging markets, or other international opportunities.

They also seek to promote collaboration in international trade issues, and provide a global reach to smaller firms that can provide more cost-effective advice.

Jurafide also provides an alternative to legal directories by providing country-specific legal information for free. Canadian lawyers that submit articles and materials can be easily identified by companies seeking to do business here.

A pre-screened premium membership gives access to client lists and higher visibility.

The benefits of connecting American clients with foreign counsel is obvious, and the Jurafide founder would know. Kenji Hosokawa graduated from Columbia Law School before practicing law in both Tokyo and New York for leading American firms.

Like any start-up social network worth its salt, Jurafide can also be found on more established networks. You can learn more about them, and possibly see the type of people who are interested in using the service, on LinkedIn and Plaxo.

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