KM Blogger Doug Cornelius Moving On

Doug CorneliusDoug Cornelius–someone whose thoughts many of us have followed through his blog KM Space–is leaving his real estate practice at his law firm in Boston and with it his hard-core legal knowledge management work. That being said, I am still hopeful he will practice what he learned there about knowledge management and will continue (at least a little) to update his KM blog. He had me worried that he wouldn’t.

Doug has joined Beacon Capital Partners, a real estate firm also in Boston, as their Chief Compliance Officer.

In talking to Doug recently, I learned that blogging is part of his work flow and personal KM. He takes notes for himself directly in the appropriate blog, and posts it there. This allows for him to more easily find his notes from anywhere, rather than having them lost in some computer file or (worse) some paper notes filed away somewhere. This allows the notes to live on, and the rest of us truly benefit. A side benefit has been how it has also raised his profile on the Internet. I certainly would not have come across him or met him otherwise.

He has just started a personal blog over at Paddling Space. I like how he keeps his blog titles all similarly named. Can a regulatory blog be far behind?

Hopefully like blogging, knowledge management stays in the blood and he still continues KM Space!

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