Toronto Opinions Group Makes Memos and Precedents Available

Slaw is pleased to announce that the Toronto Opinions Group (TOROG) has agreed to make public on Slaw memos and precedents that may prove to be helpful to others. The Toronto Opinions Group consists of a group of lawyers, primarily practising with the Toronto offices of the larger Canadian law firms, with an interest in third party (or transaction) opinion practice. TOROG meets regularly to review current opinion issues with a view, where appropriate, to discussing problems, assessing best practices and developing common approaches to opinion issues and opinion language. It does not involve itself in specific transactions or opinion negotiation.

Currently there are five memos and precedents on the Slaw TOROG page, concerning:

  • Conflict of Laws
  • Limited Partnership
  • Model Officer’s Certificate
  • PIPEDA Qualifications
  • Securities Transfer Act

We will add memos and precedents to this list as TOROG makes them available to us. Should an opinion group in any other jurisdiction wish to make its documents available in this way, Slaw would be glad to assist.

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