Sun and Shadow

I forgot to celebrate the winter solstice, when the days start to lengthen once more and sunlight seems to be a thing you can bank on even though brutal January and February lie ahead. But if time “creeps in this petty pace from day to day,” so does this lengthening of light; a measly 38 seconds got tacked on to yesterday, for example. I know this because of, a business in Barrie Ontario that specializes in locating the sun in the sky — anytime, anywhere.

Knowing how Sol was (or will be) there (or here) can be of great value to lawyers in certain cases: their witness claims the sun was in his eyes when he failed to see your client’s car; your client’s proposed four-storey addition will not cast a shadow over the neighbouring putting green except for a period of two weeks in March; that photo the Crown is entering into evidence must have been taken on July 22 and not on August 22 as they are claiming…

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