Twitter developers, rather like life itself, are plunging into every possible nook, cranny and crevice for a foothold on this latest development, and twit apps proliferate. All this in aid of the blurt — but I digress. Now for those who truly belong to the twittering classes comes TweetGrid, which lets you monitor multiple flows of info in one screen on your browser. You can choose the grid pattern that suits you, anywhere from a single (1 X 1) stream, up to a frenzied 9 panel (3 X 3) spray. In each panel of your grid, you can enter filter terms — simple Boolean is permited — allowing you, for instance, to monitor all the tweets on “law” and all the tweets on “Stephen Harper” and all the tweets on “fodden”. Streams update in real time, so there’s no need to refresh the browser.

As well, you can reply to or retweet any tweet within your TweetGrid page. And if you want to save your particular grid configuration, you can capture a URL for it, so that you can revisit the mix at your leisure.

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