Human Security Gateway

The Human Security Report Project, affiliated with Simon Fraser University’s School for International Studies, conducts research on political violence and makes that research available to scholars and the public generally. The Human Security Gateway is the tool used for dissemination of this material and as well relevant research available elsewhere.

Currently the counter on the site claims 23,701 resources, categorized as News Articles, Factsheets, Reports or Academic Articles. As well, it’s possible to filter the data by topic and region. There are, for example, 2,472 resources under the heading of International Law, Justice and Accountability.

The Gateway is actively updated (various RSS feeds and email notifications, of course). The latest addition in the international law area (“Islam, International Law and the Protection of Refugees and IDPs,” by Musab Hayatli, in Oxford’s Forced Migration Review) for example, was published and added to the database three days ago.

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