Smartphone Information Mother Lode

The February 2009 issue of PCToday has the most amazing collection of info on smartphones that I have ever seen in one place. If you are in the market for a smartphone you must read this issue.

Great articles on the features and options that different models have, and why you need or want those features. There are articles on the latest updates, services and tips for various mobile phones and platforms, including BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, Nokia, iPhone and one on how to extend BlackBerry battery life. It teases with some real cool newer models that are or will soon be available – at least in the US :-(

There are tons of great tips for existing smartphone users. (Read this article of mine for my favourite BlackBerry tips)

Here is a full table of contents for this issue.

I am a subscriber and find PCToday is often a great read. I am an even bigger fan of sister publication Smart Computing Magazine – tons of great practical info make it a monthly must read for me.

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