The Future of Social Networking

This is a live blog from an INSEAD lunch on the power of social networks built on Matthew Fraser’s book Throwing Sheep in the Boardroom.
Fraser is an ex Post editor who’s fascinated by the 3 revolutions that he sees emerging from the phenomena of social networking.
Social networking
Politics 2.0
And Enterprise 2.0

Here’s what Jimmy Wales says about the ideas in his Introduction.

Slaw might want to think about some of the issues being thrashed around on the Wiki.:


1. Truth and Consequences: Rating & Ranking Your Boss
2. The Privacy Paradox: Your Life as an Open Facebook
3. Professional Crowdsourcing: Harnessing Collective Smarts
4. Digital Dopplegangers: Multiple Identities and Values of Trust
5. Snakes & Ladders: Status and Rewards in Organizations
6. Virtual Organizations
7. CEO Blogging: Promises and Pitfalls
8. Media Relations 2.0: Brand Reputation Management
9. Markets 2.0: Toppled Business Model
10. Government 2.0: From E-Government to E-Democracy

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