La Ville Est Hock…er Dystopia

It’s been almost two years since I referred to George Orwell’s 1984 in a Slaw Post, entirely too long. Apparently, the mayor of Montreal is a Slaw fan and felt it had been far too long since I made such a reference and Montreal council is considering banning….words! Montreal may ban insults to police …and here. Use of the words such as “pig” and “donut eater” could be outlawed (on a complete side note, for all you hockey fans out there, imagine if Jim Schoenfeld and Don Koharski ran into each other in Montreal, could be a bad scene). So would this be a “thoughtcrime”? Would there be new branch of “thoughtpolice”?

Notice the name of the union representing the Montreal Police: “Montreal Police Brotherhood”, try and tell me they aren’t Orwell fans!

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