Workplace Privacy and Social Networks: OBA Session on Privacy Law

As part of the Ontario Bar Association‘s 2009 OBA Institute (continuing today) the Privacy Law section held a program yesterday entitled “What Every Lawyer Needs to Know About Privacy”. Dan Michaluk has blogged about his session in which he was a panelist with Professor Avner Levin from Ryerson University; their focus was on workplace privacy issues that came out of the Ryerson study The Next Digital Divide: Online Social Network Privacy.

From Michaluk’s blog post:

Dr. Levin and other members of the Ryerson University Privacy and Cyber Crime Institute at the Ted Rogers School of Management have recently published a leading study on the perceptions of risk of young Canadians engaged in online socializing and how their behaviors meet with the use of online social networks by business for commercial and human resources purposes. Dr. Levin’s work raises some important and difficult questions about whether the law should cause companies who provide social networking platforms that are used predominantly by youth to take greater responsibility for user privacy (and other content-related disputes). I commend it to you.

Michaluk has also shared his notes and the case law mentioned during the session in his blog post.

I’m curious to know if anyone has blogged about some of the other presentations at the 2009 OBA Institute?


  1. Interesting that you mention this Connie, because I’m reading this at the Cyber Cafe at the event today.

    I’ll post some notes on the panel I attended today shortly.

  2. That would be great, Omar. Cheers!