CRTC Deadline to Comment Re: Net Neutrality Is Today

Today is the deadline for public comment submissions to the CRTC with regard to their net neutrality hearings in July. This is from Michael Geist:

The CRTC has set out a series of questions in its public notice, some of which may be too technical or legal for many Canadians. However, there are some key questions that anyone with an interest in net neutrality can address including questions about how network management could result in unjust discrimination or undue preferences as well as how network management could result in controlling content or influencing telecommunications. Moreover, the CRTC asks about net neutrality developments in other jurisdictions and how they might apply in a Canadian context.

There will no doubt be many players on both sides of the issue who will respond, but it is very important for the broader public to make their voices heard. Indeed, a strong response will send a signal to the CRTC about the public concern with net neutrality and serve as a warning to Canada’s politicians that they will have to step up to address the issue if the CRTC is unwilling to do so. To learn more, you can read my columns on the issue (here, here, here, and here), see what the ISPs say they are doing, listen to a great podcast on the issue from CBC’s Search Engine, read about the Angus net neutrality bill, or check out or

How to respond? has a form that people can use along with some other action items. Alternatively, send your comment on net neutrality directly to the CRTC. Go to the CRTC’s Intervention page, scroll to the very bottom where you will find pt2008-19, the number of the net neutrality proceeding. Click on the bottom on the left and the CRTC will give you the opportunity to file comments within your browser or as an attachment. Either way, time is limited so make your voice heard today.

There are currently protests going on in New Zealand against their pending legislation (noted last week on Slaw). Michael Geist believes we may be next if we don’t speak out now.

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