Packing a Bag to India

I can’t vouch for the accuracy of a piece in the Economic Times entitled Lawyers-from-US-UK-find-jobs-in-India.

It reports on “a flood of US/UK lawyer CVs to India”. “One out of every 10 lawyers in the US is said to have been laid off”.

Mindcrest recently hired five senior US lawyers. It’s planning to hire another 10 American lawyers this year.

Pangea3, another Mumbai-based LPO firm, recently hired three American legal professionals , while another two are expected to join the company within a month.

Some say the recession in the US legal market will mean a 100% growth for the Indian LPO market. It’s currently pegged at $500 million.


  1. You really do not have necessarily blame the recession for the growth of the offshore legal support service (OLSS) market. The LPO concept has been hatching long before the recession when the markets and economies were in full swing. I have no doubt, the OLSS market has grown its natural growth and on its own merit. It would be misplaced notion to even think of forcing the parenthood of the adult Indian LPO market on Recession in the US Legal market. It is not. The LPO like any other industry is the creation of “need”. The need was there and the need continues… To give it any other shade would amount to nothing short of cowardice or blissful ignorance.