The Dawn of a New Decade?

♫ A new decade
A new decade
The radio plays the sounds we made
The radio plays the sounds we made
And everything seems to feel just right
And everything seems to feel just right…♫

Lyrics, music and recorded by The Verve, “A New Decade”

An interesting article by Mel Beckman appeared in InfoWorld on March 23: “Why even IT Pros are Demanding Macs

Mel Beckman writes: “A mid-2008 Yankee Group survey of 750 senior IT executives found nearly 80 percent have Macs onboard, up from 47 percent in 2006.” This is not the 20% or so market share usually attributed to Macs. Furthermore, “Software engineering consultancy Okori Group pins Mac popularity on its consistency and versatility.” For larger organizations, this consistency can spell savings in terms of managing their IT resources.

However, “For small enterprises, though, the Mac’s attraction may be as a superior launching pad for cloud-based applications.” As more and more lawyers move into the cloud, the Mac platform looms larger and larger.

The article further states: ‘At Guy Engineering, most management tasks are thus focused on the cloud, not desktops. Users manage their own boxes, he says, sharing between machines. “Updates are automatic from Apple, and viruses are not a factor if you follow reasonable security practices, such as never installing untrusted software. We’ve had no problems for more than a decade.”‘

No problems for more than a decade? One can almost hear Jon Stewart saying: “You can do that?” Holding out the promise of no problems for a year alone, much less a decade, should sway more lawyers over to the Mac platform. If the Maytag repairman had to face that kind of a record, he would be switching careers for sure! After all, when you are relying on your IT systems to support your business, isn’t everything supposed to feel just right?

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