Drive-by Praise

No one else is doing it (perhaps because they have not made it home yet), so I’m going to do a drive-by post to praise Slaw for winning the 2009 Hugh Lawford Award for Excellence in Legal Publishing. I’m going to try not to hurt my arm, but this is significant. From

This award was initiated as a means of acknowledging the work that is done by publishers to provide the Canadian legal profession with high quality materials for use in understanding and researching the law. It is hoped that this award serves both as a means to honour publishers who have produced excellent products and to encourage excellence in new publishing endeavours. In 2005 the award was renamed the Hugh Lawford Award for Excellence in Legal Publishing to honour Dr. Lawford for his contributions to the Canadian law library community.

The award may be given for a wide variety of publishing endeavours – a specific book, series, service, or a particularly innovative publishing venture or body of work. All formats are eligible, including print, electronic and audio-visual. English and French-language publications will be considered. The intent is to recognize excellence in any form.

If the company that you keep is any indication of the place this Slegal blog occupies then the list of past winners says that Slaw has carved out a prominent position. I’m not even going to go into the significance of a Blog winning this award here but it merits attention. So again, cheers to Slaw and everyone involved.

For more look at the CALLACBD webpage dedicated to the award


  1. I agree that this is a tremendously satisfying recognition of the calibre of the regular contributors that Simon has brought to this page.

    Of the 8 previous winners listed on the CALL page, it is interesting that 5 of them involve electronic publications. But Slaw is the first blog.