LexPublica… Maybe

A small Canadian legal venture announced itself recently, going public in its very early stages. LexPublica, using the .ca domain so that the URL is lexpubli.ca, aims to be both a business and an online source for free legal instruments and information. At the moment LexPublica is only a blog, where the two founders, Martin Ertl (a McGill grad who has worked at Davis LLP) and Zak Greant, a techie, explain what they hope to do, which seems to be akin to what JD Supra is doing in having lawyers post their material for display and use by others, but with an emphasis on use by lay people to begin with.

To get a better sense of their business model, take a look at the current post on their blog, LexPublica in 811 Words, which contains the elevator and the six-minute pitches. (There’s also an interesting entry on the problem of spelling: when do you give in to the gravitational force of the U.S. or go with the rest of the English-speaking world?)


  1. Aloha Simon,

    Thank you for the mention, the link and the characterization of the entry on spelling as being interesting (which it is to us, but perhaps not to others.) Feedback and attention, in particular at this early stage, is golden.

    As for JD Supra, we’re taking a different tack on the same winds. Rather than ask lawyers to post their materials, we’ll be asking lawyers (and non-lawyers) to work together and create a coherent body of legal agreements and supporting information.

    We’ll post more about this in an upcoming post.