That Canadian Healthcare System?

For all we’ve heard about the ills of the Canadian healthcare system during the debate about reform in the U.S., it’s worth noting that we still have some of the best outcomes in the entire world.

The CBC has an article today that shows a map of global life expectancies, and a link to a site by an American professor that allows a comparison of mortality risks.

life expectancy

We should be proud of what we’ve accomplished here.


  1. It is an unfortunate but inevitable side-effect to the debate in the U.S. that the Canadian system and its respective successes and failures be brought into the debate.

    There are far too many variables for this comparison to hold water regardless of which side of the debate the person drawing the comparisons happens to be on.

    The United States government is already bankrupt, and is looking at spending increases that would effectively render the U.S. national debt permanent, a complete currency collapse notwithstanding. The fiscal solvency of each respective government here are so vastly different that comparisons between the two are voided, at least in my humble opinion.