CanLII RSS Feed Improvement

I just noticed an awesome improvement to CanLII’s RSS feeds for decisions! In my reader, CanLII’s feed now shows keywords for decisions from courts that I monitor.

Way to go CanLII for another great innovation.


  1. A little asside about customer service and innovation: On August 13th, I made a comment on this post here at Slaw. Simon Fodden’s cool new service feeding up CanLII’s new additions over at gives a really good visual of how this CanLII innovation of adding the subject words to the feed improves the Tweets as well.

  2. Shaunna, on I’ve cut out all the prefix material crediting CanLII and identifying which court the feed is from, so that we can get as much of the keyword material as possible in the 140 characters allowed. I hope CanLII doesn’t mind the removal of credit; and the name of the Twitter account tells you which court’s cases you’re looking at anyway.

  3. I like the feature too. Though I continue to struggle with making RSS by keyword searches. I dont’ want every settlement, but would love to be able to set my RSS by keyword – paramedic, ambulance, etc.

    This area neesd to be developed more.