David Whelan

If you look to your right — while this post is at the top of Slaw’s main page — you’ll see that we have a new columnist. David Whelan is getting his feet wet by subbing for Wendy Reynolds, our regular Extreme Lib columnist, who is busy this month wrestling a new job to the ground. David, as most of you might know, is the head librarian, or Manager of Legal Information, at the Great Library at Osgoode Hall, maintained by the Law Society of Upper Canada.

A lawyer and a librarian, David brings to us a great deal of skill and experience in information management, and some considerable expertise in technology. He will be joining our roster of regular columnists and writing on the subject of law and technology, particularly as technology affects smaller law firms.

We’re proud indeed to welcome David to Slaw.


  1. Welcome aboard, David! I’m glad you have joined us.


  2. Excellent to see you here David.