Metadata Tsunami


Author, Title, Publisher, Date. Doesn’t seem that hard, really. I guess that’s what the Google geniuses (see also Apple Genius) thought when they set up Google Book Search.

Turns out, its not that easy. Anyone who has been tempted by the promises of citation managers, and then had their hopes dashed on the rocks of bibliographic complexity, knows this too well. The criticism of Google Books Search’s performance is pretty trenchant. And now this article doing the same service for Google Scholar. Its a metadata tsunami. Something like that Fishbone song:

Karma Tsunami
comin down on you with the weight of the sea
it ain’ never fun: the repercussions of the concussion
of the karma tsunami from what you’ve done


  1. There’s also the real tsunami in the South Pacific right now.

    Another big wave for communication and collaboration is Google Wave. You can see an early developer preview , but you need to apply here by tonight to get the special invites that go out with the launch tomorrow.

    The application might be useful for lawyers in building up documents. You can send the messages to specific users who are dedicated to a project or file, for example.