Lists From Twitter: Nests of Tweeps

Twitter is developing a way of making a shareable list of Twitter users, so that people can form, recommend, or adopt groups of users. (See the story on ReadWriteWeb.)

Currenlty, TweepML offers a way of doing this sharable list making. (The name is a take on OPML, which stands for Outline Processor Markup Language, an invention of Dave Winer, and used principally for making an XML list of RSS feeds. Tweeps are people — “peeps” — who use Twitter.) The idea of such a list is that it makes it technically easier for you to follow groups of people. Otherwise, you must follow each person separately, one after the other.

Just for fun I’ve compiled a group of all those Canadian law firms using Twitter as firms (i.e. not including firms where one or more members use Twitter under their own names). You can see that list here:

To see which Canadian lawyers, and not just firms, are using Twitter, go to Notice that this and other similar sites invite you do your Twitter reading on their website. While this might appeal to some, I suspect that most Twitter users prefer to follow a more select group on a desktop Twitter app of their choosing. You can, of course, choose which Canadian lawyers you’d like to follow by going through the list of members on, but, as I said above, you’ll have to go through the steps necessary to follow them on Twitter one at a time.

By introducing that list of Canadian lawyers using Twitter to TweepML, I’ve created three lists (a maximum of 100 for each group) that allow you to follow whom you choose much more easily — simply by checking the ones you want, or, if you leave everyone checked, unchecking those you don’t want to follow. The lists are below: members – Part 1 members – Part 2 members – Part 3

It might make sense for to integrate in some way TweepML or Twitter’s new lists when that arrives.

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