U.K. Supreme Court… and Blog

ukscToday’s the day the new United Kingdom Supreme Court, the replacement for the House of Lords, begins operation. (What’s with the brown? Ugh.) And, because this is the age it is, the new institution’s familiar, the blog, is born along with it.

The UKSCblog (I’m not liking uk-suk as the way to say the new court) is designed frankly as a “mirror” of the American SCOTUS blog.

I’ve taken a quick look and like what I see — with the exception that, curiously, the URL remains fixed as www.ukscblog.com whether you’re on the “home,” “about,” “archive” or, indeed, an entry page. There’s no permanent URL or link to one for posts that I can see. I might be missing something, of course, but if I am it’s a case of bad design, whatever else it might say about my failing eyesight.


  1. They’ve definitely got it wrong. Permalinks are key. RSS is also notably absent. Looks like this is a case of creating a custom blog-like thing which doesn’t make the grade. Why not to use a standard blog platform is beyond me.

  2. The blog seems actually to be hosted at http://www.olswang.com/blogs/scotuk2/ (http://www.ukscblog.com/ is an alias).

    There’s an RSS feed at http://www.olswang.com/blogs/scotuk2/rss/rss.xml (also aliased to http://www.ukscblog.com/rss/rss.xml) but the feed seems not to be up-to-date with the latest few posts.

  3. Gary P. Rodrigues

    Eleven white males and only one woman. A pretty sad looking unrepresentative lot with which to launch a new era.

  4. Technically, I think it’s ten white males, one woman (also white, btw) and one vacant seat.

  5. For composition of the Bench, see composition of the Bar in the 1960s (judging from the judges’ bios.) One judge was called in 1970, and one in 1974.

    For more up-to-date diversity, see the Executive of the Court.

    Will there be a market for sweatshirts with SCUK on them?