Precedent Magazine Celebrates 2nd Anniversary

klugerCongratulations to Melissa Kruger, Publisher and Editor of the magazine Precedent: The new rules of law and style. Precedent magazine recently celebrated its second anniversary in real style with the invitation-only party Dressed to Bill, featuring a fashion show with new looks modeled by ten stylish lawyers. Precedent is an independent magazine aimed at young lawyers (aged 25-40) and distributed for free to over 20,000 lawyers and law students across Ontario.

You may recall Precedent started life over three years ago as a blog. The website has maintained its “bloggy” roots with additional blog posts and columns.


  1. As Precedent’s new travel writer, my monthly column The Crime Traveller, scored me tickets to this great event.

    I echo your congratulations Connie. Kudos to Melissa and the growing Precedent team for bringing something fresh and dfferent to the legal community.

  2. The magazine has an edge and a design verve that is refreshing within Canadian legal journalism. Some of the more established publications could take lessons.
    Well done.

  3. Glad you could attend our party! Thanks for all the kind words.