Slaw Gets a Mention in Lexpert

I’m pleased to say that Slaw got a great mention in a recent piece in Lexpert Magazine’s Globe and Mail web articles, “Law Firms Test Potential for Social Media,” by Marzena Czarnecka. Yours truly made a couple of cautious comments that got reported; and blogger and Slawyer Jeremy Grushcow got to impart a few words of wisdom.


  1. A well-written article. Thank you for sharing, and congratulations on some excellent quotes.

  2. I agree that it’s a good article and Simon has some perceptive things to say, not surprisingly.

    What did surprise me was his statement that lawyers took 20 years to take to email. Was email available to anyone outside academia and the military before about 1993? I don’t think lawyers’ opportunity could be said to have started before then. So it has not taken them 20 years to become enthusiastic, even if levels of enthusiasm vary, from the not-yet-persuaded to the jaded to the long-since-moved-on.