Slaw Retweets: 30/11-06/12/09

Herewith a second week’s-worth of material found on Twitter that might be of some interest to our readers. The URL will take you to the web page that the tweet mentions.

Please join in this retweeting exercise. Simply attach the hashtag #slawca to any tweet of yours or any retweet you make; and I’ll consider your contributions for inclusion in that week’s post.


  1. Simon,

    The first two tweets – particularly the second – suggest that those involved didn’t know the hypothetical that involves (in its modern form) a room full of monkeys, word processors, and the possibility that any of them will produce anything approaching Shakespeare. The world may, indeed, be stochastical at the quantum level, but …

    It’s a Beatles retrospective day on Q107, today, so back to what matters. (Next Tuesday, I believe, is the anniversay of Lennon’s assassination).

    Quick, somebody call Dr. Robert.