A New Companion for the Storm and Touch

For someone who really likes to use a keyboard, it’s a bit of a surprise to see that I now have a Blackberry Storm, iPod Touch and Sony Reader (Touch Edition). I wasn’t the only one to find a Reader under the Christmas tree last week. When I tried to configure the Reader on December 25th, various odd error messages appeared – it took me a while to realize that the Sony website was completely overwhelmed with other new owners attempting downloads.

A confirmed “browser first, searcher second”, I was a little puzzled by what appeared to be limited content in the Sony eBook Store. I quickly realized, however, that it was best to search for specific topics or authors (rather than rely on the subject listings on the page).

The screen is much larger than the Blackberry or Touch screens – but the lack of colour takes getting used to.

As others have noted in recent postings on the web, it looks as though the world of ereaders is about to change quite dramatically if this article is accurate.

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