House of Commons Procedure and Practice, 2d Ed (2009) (O’Brien and Bosc)

In a post last Fall called Finding and Updating Canadian Federal Private Acts, I provided a link to the House of Commons Procedure and Practice (Marleau and Montpetit).

With the prorogation of Parliament and the controversy over that, it may be that researchers will be investigating Parliamentary procedure. Since my post last Fall, I see there is a new 2009 second edition of House of Commons Procedure and Practice (edited by Audrey O’Brien and Marc Bosc) available here (at a different URL), tabled in the House on November 18, 2009. I assume we can no longer refer to the publication as Marleau and Montpetit . . . .

Also on the topic of researching legislation: it doesn’t appear that SLAW has previously mentioned Eric Appleby’s free online Legal Research Guide to Statutes 2007 (PDF, 44 pages) (Eric is the founder of Maritime Law Book; Gary Rodrigues posted here last year on SLAW about Eric).

Eric has also provided two other free guides:

Legal Research Guide to Ethics 2006 (PDF, 77 pages)

Legal Research Guide to Wills and Succession 2006 (PDF, 54 pages)

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