Fee Fie Foe Firm – Update

In response to my query in my earlier post on Fee Fie Foe Firm from a short while back in which I wondered how there could be 1,500 Canadian law firms targeted or searched by their custom search, I have had an update. Damien McRae, a knowledge consultant from Australia and founder of Fee Fie Foe Firm, has confirmed to me in an email that his site does in fact search/target 1500 selected Canadian law firms (as opposed to using some sort of automatic scraping of URLs).

Although I had meant to add some better refinements to my Custom Google search of Canadian law firms, I have not had time (and would not likely have time to add so many additional law firms).

Clearly, Fee Fie Foe Firm has a number of advantages, including (apparently) being comprehensive and being multi-jurisdictional. I also like their date restriction option.

However, I like to think my search still produces good results based on the Pareto principle that the 79 Canadian law firm websites my search engine searches (along with Canadian law blogs and other law-related sites) represents the bulk of commentary being written in law firm bulletins since the firms I chose represent most (if not all) of the large and mid-sized firms.

My site also doesn’t have ads . . . .

In any event, hats off to Fee Fie Foe Firm. I have certainly promoted Damien’s site within my firm.

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