Social Networking Success for Organizations

A recent InformationWeek article explores 7 key questions organizations must ask themselves about investing in social networking in 2010. The important questions include:

  • Is it necessary to have a corporate policy around social networking? Yes. It must be short, simple, and clear.
  • Which way works best? Definitely get involved with the 4 dominant social networking players: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn. Maintain a four-pronged public networking strategy. Its also recommended that companies build a dual social media strategy that incorporates homegrown online communities with an involvement with the key public social networks.
  • Where’s the ROI? Don’t think of social networking as only a marketing activity. Don’t think of sales as the only end goal of social networking. Its about conversations and relationships, not salesmanship or messaging. ROI is hard to track, but the cost savings can be measured.

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