Job Postings for Canadian Lawyers on LinkedIn

Amanda Ellis notes that some Big Law firms in the U.S. are using LinkedIn for recruiting lawyers,

I always glance at the jobs section but today was the first day I remember seeing three attorney positions posted by a firm – not to mention a large firm. Usually, the openings in this section include in-house positions and/or legal support positions.

Are more law firms posting attorney job openings on LinkedIn? Possibly. Should law students and lawyers review LinkedIn’s job postings? Absolutely.

Although earlier this month Wendy Reynolds recommended here on Slaw job searchers use LinkedIn, do we have any evidence of recruiters in Canada doing the same?

A quick search on LinkedIn shows no job postings in Canada for “lawyer,” “legal counsel,” or “attorney,” though some support functions do come up.

LinkedIn partners with a site called SimplyHired to search the net for related jobs, but these are not listings on LinkedIn itself. One of the advantages of using SimplyHired through LinkedIn is that you can instantly check which one of your contacts works at the company listing the job, who presumably can then give you more information about the firm and possibly put in a good word.

I’ve noticed an increase in lawyers registering for accounts over the past couple years, and even a few law students looking for articling positions there. Does anyone have any thoughts why this incredibly useful platform is not being used more extensively?


  1. And it seems that LinkedIn Corp. is coming to Canada,

    Networking site LinkedIn Corp. will announce this week it now has more than two million Canadian members on its site – almost double what it was just one year ago, making it one of its fastest-growing markets among the 200 countries it has members.

    The Mountain View, Calif.-based company, which is geared to connecting professionals online, also plans to open an office and hire staff in Canada to meet that burgeoning demand.

    An educated work force and robust economy are two factors luring the company. But so is Canada’s high rates of social media usage.