Commercial Documentation Automation Systems Available Soon in Canada

Legal Systematics is in the process of launching a series of practice systems, initially aimed at the Canadian market. The line of products, dubbed SpeedMatters, currently includes systems for accident benefits, small claims and real estate. Systems for estate planning and motor vehicle litigation are in the works, and products for other practice areas will follow. Heritage Law is assisting with the drafting of the estate planning documents.

Web-based versions of these products will be available and integration with Time Matters is also supported. These systems are designed to help lawyers be more efficient in their work, particularly when it comes to drafting documents.

Legal Systematics also provides hosting services based on HotDocs Server for customers who want use a web-based document assembly system without licensing HotDocs and managing their own server, including providing such services for other publishers.

For small firms especially, these products will be good alternatives to expensive and time consuming document automation projects done in house.

The web site for the SpeedMatters line of products in Canada is and the Legal Systematics web site is

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