The Traveling Lawyer and Taking Your Firm Virtual: Presentations From ABA Techshow

I just came back from a very successful ABA Techshow and had the opportunity to present on virtual law firms and technology for the traveling lawyer. Cloud computing received a lot of coverage at the conference, with both supporters and detractors alike.

As a cloud computing supporter, I mentioned that even a couple of years ago, the idea of achieving full in-office productivity over the internet seemed difficult to imagine. The laptop, smartphone, cloud infrastructure, and internet access technologies simply weren’t capable or ubiquitous enough to match in-office facilities and resources. Now, the confluence of advances in these technology areas enable lawyers to be just as productive from practically anywhere as they are from traditional bricks and mortar offices.

Here are the slides from my two presentations.


  1. Francis Barragan


    Thank you for sharing these with the world. Very interesting.

    As well, I have not see Slideshare used that often by colleagues for some reason, so you using it was interesting as well.