Digital Ontario Reports

David Canton has been first to comment on the new digital version of the Ontario Reports that arrived in the inboxes of members of the Ontario bar this morning.

Although I take no credit for being a catalyst in this development (see my SLAW rant here from over 1 year ago), I am extremely pleased with the product and have already used it to print a nice PDF of one of the cases reported in it. The various advertisements for new publications, seminars and other material are often in color and fairly easy to scroll through.

I applaud the effort of the Law Society since my impression 1 year ago was that this was not likely to happen anytime soon.


  1. Well, not quite first – but very quick out of the gate, indeed.

  2. I think this is also a good idea. Also, advertising should pay for it and the Reports should be made freely available to the public in PDF form in order to increase equal access to Justice.

    John Dunn
    Foster Care Council of Canada

  3. I’m with Gary on this one. A real pain in the eyes and mouse-hand to struggle through. I certainly won’t read the number of cases in the e-version that I do by starting at the back of the paper one and flipping through.

    The videos that David C links to are cute, though, re the burden of the weekly paper parts (but I find that the City of Toronto recycling takes care of them very nicely, myself.)

  4. At least the copies delivered by Canada Post come to me. I have yet to receive anything at all from the Law Society on the recent changes to the O.R.’s and their delivery. What I have seen has been forwarded to me by our librarian.

  5. The Old OR’s were a guilty pleasure for me. I enjoyed the experience of literally thumbing through the ads and then sitting down at a quiet time and reading head notes for cases chosen by an esteemed panel of editors. I compensated for my enviro-guilt by keeping them all as a personal library until late. See here

    Interesting how a change to digital form puts new pressures on the content. I’ll skip the ads as Gary suggests many will. And the content, though chosen by the same editorial panel as before, will now seem stale.

    I don’t argue against the change, but whatever is done with the digital edition to make early critics happy, I’ll be at some loss.