Legislation on the Go

Thanks to a good question from a new associate I have done some exploring of mobile access to legislation. The question was, “Is there any way to have a copy of an act that I use all the time available on my Blackberry?”

I can now say, “Yes”, and here is the method:

  1. Open your Blackberry (or other smartphone)
  2. Go to the mobile Web Browser and enter the URL for Canlii
  3. Once there, you can search for the act name by navigating down the page to the Title box
  4. Enter your act name and navigate down to the Search button
  5. Select the search result – your current act version

A great thing: CanLII uses linguistic, persistent, and readable URLs which make direct browsing easier.

Another great thing: You can use the Find function to jump to a section or a piece of text.

A not great thing: You must navigate to the search button to execute your search as the Blackberry enter key doesn’t start the search process – this may be a user error on my end.

Anyone have alternative solutions?

Hat Tip to Bonnie Bokenfohr who joined our firm this week.


  1. Another way to do it would be to create a note using Evernote, either with a pdf of the statute or just the hyperlink to it, which can be opened from Evernote by clicking on the link in the note.