This Is an Interesting Site!

“Debatewise was created for people who like making informed decisions. If this is you, you probably wont trust one source of information and will try to get a rounded view – which these days often means going to forums and blogs. The problem is, making sense of different opinions is time-consuming and imprecise.

What’s needed is a place where the best possible arguments for one side are listed next to the best possible arguments against. These arguments aren’t created by one person, but by like-minded individuals collaborating to form the strongest case. This allows people both to easily compare the pros and cons and also to come to a decision safe in the knowledge they have the best information to hand.

We want to be the first place to think of when you want to make up your mind. We hope you’ll come to Debatewise, get both sides and go away better informed. We also hope you’ll share your knowledge with others to better inform them. And our innovative business model, of which more below, gives you plenty of reason to get involved.”

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