New Format, New Columns

Welcome to the newly refurbished Slaw. We’ve freshened up the design — after three years. We’ve added some new functionality, particularly when it comes to choosing how you subscribe to Slaw. Just take a look at the column to your right to learn about all of this.

And we’ve added a new left column for, well, our new Columns. Starting today, we’re bringing you a fresh column every day, written by experts on the topics — Legal Publishing, the Practice of Law, Legal Information, Outsourcing, Legal Marketing, Justice Issues, Legal Technology, and e-Discovery.

All of this more means “a bit wider,” so we’ve moved ourselves over to the left, so that even if your browser resolution doesn’t accommodate our full glory, you’ll get the content without any scrolling.

Let us know what you think (just hit the “contact” link above or leave a comment). What do you like, what do you like… less? And, of course, please help us out by telling us when something is broken or doesn’t work the way it should.

Most of all: enjoy.

UPDATE: Keep those cards and letters coming in, folks. We’re getting good feedback on what works and what needs to be tweaked. Expect some slight changes over the next few days.


  1. Love the new look… great job!

  2. Looks good. You guys should take a crack at the OR’s next!

    Garry J. Wise

  3. Looks sharp with better recognition for your core contributors. Well done!

  4. Your new site looks great – I know what it’s like to work on an upgrade – very time consuming. Looking forward to more of your great content.

  5. Clean design and easy to navigate. I like it!