RSS Readers Are Alive and Well!

The Google Reader blog recently published the following graph that shows their growth of accounts over the past five years:

Online pundits have been calling RSS a dying technology for a while now. If you’ve read Slaw for any period of time, you’ll probably recognize what a huge fan I am of the technology. It’s still part of my daily routine, and I continue to find incredible value in a properly tuned personal RSS reader.

Many thanks to Andy Beal for his post: If RSS is Dead, Someone Please Explain This Chart to Me! I agree completely.


  1. Good catch! I am somewhat partial to Andrew Baron’s take on it: RSS Not Dead For Online Media. ;)

  2. Couldn’t it be because it is still used more and more by everyone but set aside by the trendsetters, which are usually the ones moving away first, and declaring these things dead in the first place?