Law Commission of Ontario Family Law Consultation Results Available on Slaw

The Law Commission of Ontario has an ongoing project entitled “Best Practices at Family Justice System Entry Points: Needs of Users and Responses of Workers within the Justice System.” As Slaw readers may know from news reports today (see, e.g., the Gobe and Mail front page story), the LCO has just released a report on part of that study, “Voices from a Broken Family Justice System: Sharing Consultations Results,” setting out what they’ve learned from wide consultation with organizations, agencies, and people who are or staff the “entry points” into the family justice system in the province.

The LCO has run into technical problems with its website and is unable at the moment to distribute copies of the report there. Slaw is more than glad to help out a former Slawyer — Patricia Hughes, the LCO Executive Director, blogged with us for a year or so and now has her own blog.

So you’ll find here in PDF:

“Voices from a Broken Family Justice System: Sharing Consultations Results” [83pp. / 467 KB]


“Voices from a Broken Family Justice System: Sharing Consultations Results Highlights [10pp. / 127 KB]


  1. I read with interest the section in the report dealing with mediators’ qualifications. I am accredited as a family mediator in both Ontario and Quebec. The accreditation process in Quebec might be worth considering. In order to be accredited as a family mediator in Quebec, one has to be either a lawyer, notary, psychologist, social worker or guidance counsellor. All candidates must have at least three years of practice in their respective professions before they can undergo mediation training and take 110 hours of coursework in family mediation. The prospective mediator is given a provisional accreditation and has two years to complete ten mediations. During this two year period the prospective family mediator is supervised by an accredited mediator. The curriculum for the mediation training is established by the Bar, the Chamber of Notaries and the professional corporations of psychologists, social workers and guidance counsellors.

  2. This report coincides with the Chief Justice;s same conclusion.
    This system in Ontario is broken. If the government feels no need to fix it well then they feel the people and children are not worth much.
    The Justice noted how much saner the system is in the US, even the UK system is more amiable.

  3. I have been bullied for over two years by the despicable tactics of the opposing council, and spent over $100,000 that I didn’t have in the first. There should not be one question of my character. I am an outstanding father, friend, neighbour, coach and passion volunteer for the Coast to Coast Against Cancer Foundation. I have just finished leading a group of cyclists across the country, and raised over $2 million dollars. Reason being my youngest son is battling a brain tumor. The days he should be enjoying what is left of his little life, are spent struggling from pay check to pay check to survive. Our modest home is going on the market, and we will likely have to live with my parents. I have never shared my story, but had filed a complaint to the Law Society of Upper Canada, months before this story was released. I used the same figure of $100, 000 in my complaint, I used the term “bullying”, and I discussed the topic of false accusations, and how there is absolutely no concerns for the needs of my children and what is in their “best interest”. Yet the same lawyers are continually practicing in this manner for reasons I can see no other than personal gain. There is absolutely no benefit to our families. I will never catch up now. I have been asked to pay $1800 per month in child support, and $2500 in spousal, I would have nothing left each month. This nonsense is real, I live it, and it is all contained within the piles of affidavits in my quest for joint custodial rights.

    Family law is a cancer in itself and it is killing me. I have struggled to stay strong emotionally, I feel broken for the little we can afford anymore, and for the debt I have incurred. I have always been a loving and involved father, friend, neighbour, coach and husband. Why does my family have to go through this? There has been absolutely no regard for the children. I am so disgusted in our system. As I go to trial in another week, I can only wonder what will become of my situation. Will the judge see through this legal bullying? Or will my children go without a great figure and role model in their lives? .