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We’ve not yet mentioned on Slaw the Law & Humanities Blog, “A blog about law, literature, and the humanities,” run by Christine Corcos, a law prof at Louisiana State. (Daniel Solove, a GWU law prof and author of The Future of Reputation, among other books, is nominally a member but, so far as I can tell, wrote one post a long time ago.)

The main focus seems to be on literature, and the posts typically point to recent publications, such as:

  • Stephen R. Alton, Texas Wesleyan University School of Law, has published The Game is Afoot!: The Significance of Gratuitous Transfers in the Sherlock Holmes Canon
  • Philip A. Rubin, Duke University Law School, has published War of the Words: How Courts Can Use Dictionaries in Accordance with Textualist Principles, at 60 Duke Law Journal 167 (2010)
  • Roberta Linciano, University of Salento, has published “‘Is that the law?’: Portia’s Mockery of Justice in The Merchant of Venice,” in the Italian Society for Law and Literature (January 2010)

There’s roughly a post or two each week.

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