10 Gift Ideas for the Geeky Lawyer

Need gift ideas for a geeky lawyer? Or, perhaps, are you a geeky lawyer looking to subtly pass on suggestions for a gift via, say, a pointer to a blog post? Look no further: here’s a tech-inspired list that any geek (lawyer or not) would be happy to receive:

BookArc for iPad. The BookArc for iPad provides the perfect stand for your iPad. Four positions let you position the iPad in exactly the position you want, and the device makes a perfect combo with the Bluetooth keyboard for the iPad.

StealthArmor for the iPhone 4. Add a bit of personal flair to your iPhone 4 and protect its screen with a custom-designed StealthArmor cover. As an added bonus the cover also solves the iPhone 4’s reception issues.

DocuPen X. Scan contracts, receipts, and other documents on the go with this amazing pen-sized portable scanner. The DocuPen X allows you to scan at up to 600DPI directly into the onboard 64MB of RAM.

Aeropress. The Aeropress delivers some of the best coffee I’ve ever tasted, and costs only about $30. Try it and you’ll never got back to drip coffee.

Hario V60 Buono Water Kettle. The new precision-pour Hario V60 Buono Water Kettel is stylish, drip-free and easy to pour into small openings. Combine this with the Aeropress and you’ll be in caffeine nirvana.

Sharpie LiquidPencil. All the benefits of a mechanical pencil without all the broken lead. The Sharpie LiquidPencil gives you all the benefits of a pen and a mechanical pencil without the weaknesses of either.

Herman Miller SAYL Chair. Inspired by the company’s much more expensive Aeron, the $399 Herman Miller SAYL offers a comfortable, stylish-looking alternative at a fraction of the price.

WallDock for iPhone + iPod. So simple you wonder why you didn’t think to invent it: a cable-free, wall-mounted dock solution for the iPhone and iPod.

SolidLine iPad Case with Integrated Keyboard. For those of us that type on our iPads frequently, lugging around the Bluetooth keyboard can quickly become a chore. The SolidLine iPad Case with Integrated Bluetooth Keyboard solves this problem by integrating a Bluetooth keyboard directly into a stylish black case for the iPad. Genius.

Microsoft Arc Mouse. Whether you’re a PC or Mac user, the Microsoft ARC mouse is the ultimate mouse for the road warrior. It collapses down into a small, flat shape for travel.


  1. Geeky librarians would be very happy with many of these also. Thanks, Jack!

  2. The docupen X is awesome…a whole new level to paperless document disclosure

  3. Great article idea. Tech geek lawyers are always on the look-out for the latest gadgets – whether for efficiency purposes and/or for fun. I have my eye on the docupen X and any chair by Herman Miller. I’ll add any state-of-the-art video making software – whether for presenting at trials or for private viewing by clients for information purposes.