Adopt a Federal Reporter? Yes We Scan

U.S. attorneys are being invited to adopt volumes of the Federal Reporter in a current digitization project from The adoption campaign is being called Yes We Scan. is a non-profit organization that received the Project 10^100 Award from Google and is digitizing the Federal Reporter by “double keying” all text. Double keying involves the entire text being manually typed in twice with discrepancies being checked, and then the full text being reviewed by law students and legal professionals before being certified. The project is meant to make U.S. primary legal materials more available.

From the Yes We Scan website:

Now, you too can help, by adopting one of the 300 volumes of the First Series of the Federal Reporter, which are all out of copyright. Your tax-deductible contribution of $1200 will pay to double-key 1,000 pages of Federal Appellate Opinions, and copies will be donated to the National Archives and the Government Printing Office.

Your name—and the link of your choice—will be inscribed on the Public Domain Wall of Fame and each case in your adopted volume will be a separate HTML file with a common footer:

    This volume of American Law was transcribed for use on the Internet through a contribution from [Your Name Here!!]

Hat tip to James McGarry.

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