Accessing Canadian Court Dockets

Alex Manevich earlier bemoaned here on SLAW the abysmal state of online access to Ontario court dockets.

In a recent request to the Canadian Association of Law Libraries listserv I asked colleagues the current state of online access to Canadian court dockets.

Unfortunately, the situation is not much better two years later.

However, I have added to the Case Law page on my legal research and writing website a chart of links for accessing Canadian court dockets (and for those jurisdictions who do not provide access, I provide a link to contact the court registry).

I will continue to update this chart and improve it, so welcome comments and clarifications. I will also try to add “scope notes” to the commercial services I list but did not have time to do that this morning.


  1. A colleague has pointed out that for PEI, NetLegal offers docket services that include Federal Court and PEI – see:

    I will update my website when I get home tonight to add this link.

    I welcome any other comments on docket services that I may have missed.