Baldwin v Costner, and the BP Oil Spill

Most people are too busy shopping during the holidays to be worried about filing suits. Unless, maybe, you’re a celebrity.

Stephen Baldwin filed a lawsuit on Wednesday against Kevin Costner, not for any work they had done together in the entertainment industry, but for Baldwin’s investments in Costner’s company, Costner in Nevada Corporation (CNIC).

Baldwin claims he met Costner in April and decided to become a 10% partner in an invention backed by CNIC which could separate oil from water. With the backdrop of the April 20, 2010 BP oil spill, it seemed like a good venture. Interestingly enough, the device was developed during the filming of Costner’s 1995 film Waterworld.

The basis of the claim is that the Plaintiffs allege the Defendants bought out their shares without telling them about a $52 million sale to BP. A complete summary of the facts can be found on Courthouse News Services, and the Statement of Claim is available through TMZ.

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