25 Ideas for Law Blog Topics

On the occasion of the OBA Institute 2011 last week, another law blogger meetup was held in Toronto. Unlike the previous week’s Toronto law blogger meetup, this one was female dominated. It is great to see so much interest in blogging! One participant, a law blogger wannabe, said she wants to start blogging once she finds a focus for content. While focus on a specific topic (or range of topics) is helpful if one is highlighting a specific practice, the actual type of content does not need to be restricted.

Law blogging is particularly challenging because of the need to avoid talking about client work. Still, there are many subjects that can be covered that don’t touch on your daily client work. In a small homage to Chris Brogan, blogger community builder, here are 25 ideas for law blog topics:

  1. Upcoming events
  2. What you learned in a recent CLE program
  3. Your favourite legal research tips
  4. Your favourite legal research tools
  5. Time management tips
  6. Your tips for getting better organized
  7. Your tips for email management
  8. Your opinion of recent developments in your area of expertise or interest
  9. A non-fiction book you read recently, and how it applies to the practice of law
  10. A book that changed your life and why
  11. A list of your favourite daily on-line reads
  12. Response to a recent post on one of your favourite blogs
  13. Your favourite law-related website designs
  14. Your favourite law-related website content
  15. Interview with someone you admire
  16. Interview with an up-and-comer
  17. Advice to law school students
  18. Advice to articling students
  19. Advice to new associates
  20. Changes you would like to see in law school curricula
  21. A recent educational video you admire and why
  22. Your “extracurricular” goals for the days ahead
  23. Why the billable hour is dead
  24. Why the billable hour is here to stay
  25. The future of legal practice

No doubt this just scratches the surface. What other types of content would you like to see the law bloggers in your life cover?

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