Senate Publications Discontinued

SUBJECT: Distribution of Hard Copies of Senate
Publications – Phase II

On may 26, 2010, following a proposal adopted by the standing committee on internal economy, budgets and administration, the distribution of hard copies of the senate order paper, journals and debates was eliminated within the parliamentary precinct.

This venture reinforced environmental stewardship by reducing paper printing and followed up on the Senate Administration’s strategic review of expenditures.

On December 9, 2010, the Internal Economy Committee adopted Phase II of the paper reduction exercise which will further assist in this venture.

Effective immediately, the printing and distribution of all Senate committee issues will be eliminated. Printer ready versions of committee issues continue to be available on-line at the Parliamentary website ( in the same quality format.

Thank you for your understanding.


David A. Reeves

Le coordonnateur des publications, Sénat

Publications Coordinator, Senate


  1. Environmentally friendly, intellectually devastating. I can’t remember how many times I found myself accessing print source Senate reports for undergraduate policy papers. Outside of academic pursuits, I feel this will certainly limit access to those documents by individuals less fortunate to have regular access to the internet and to senate websites.

  2. Does anyone know if there are plans to archive the e-versions anywhere? Other than on the Senate’s website, I mean.