Orphaned Legislation

I thought it might be useful to have a list of the public bills which died on the Order Paper when Parliament dissolved this weekend. I’ve attached them as .rtf files because of their size- it seemed overkill to paste them right into this post.

Government bills 2011

Senate orphans

I haven’t included the private bills because frankly most of them died (not a surprise, of course). See the Status of Bills document on the Parliamentary website for more details on the 400+ private bills introduced this session.


Which legislative deaths do you regret? I’m sure that the Copyright Act amendments (C-32) will attract a certain amount of discussion. The media has already picked up on Bill C-393, An Act to amend the Patent Act (drugs for international humanitarian purposes) and to make a consequential amendment to another Act, which made it past Third Reading on March 9, 2011. How about Bill C-60, An Act to amend the Criminal Code (citizen’s arrest and the defences of property and persons)?


  1. Thanks for this. I hadn’t even realised that the military justice system was undergoing a rehaul.

  2. Thanks for sharing this Wendy. My regreted legislative death is the Copyright changes. Love’em or hate the propsed revisions, our copyright legislation is way overdue for an overhaul.