Selected MLB Case Summaries Now on Slaw

We’re proud to announce that as of today Slaw will post each week up to ten summaries of recent interesting cases.

The summaries are provided by Maritime Law Book. As you may know, MLB’s National Reporter System publishes 14 reporters covering federal decisions and those of every province except Quebec. MLB editors index, classify, and prepare headnotes for all decisions.

Cases are selected for us by MLB editors using the following criteria:

  • Cases involving modern technology
  • Cases that extend or restrict the common law
  • Cases that interpret new or existing statutes
  • Cases that extend or restrict the existing interpretation of statutes
  • Cases with facts that result from the complexity of modern society
  • Cases with novel facts
  • Most Supreme Court of Canada cases.

Slaw will offer these summaries to you in a number of ways.

First of all, very brief excerpts appear in the right sidebar of this site, with keywords that will give you a clue about content. These are linked to a fuller version on our new sister site, MLB-Slaw Selected Case Summaries (easy to find at But even here we’ve done a fair bit of editing down, because MLB summaries are quite complex. So at the end of each summary you’ll find a link to a PDF file containing the full MLB summary and classification of the case in question. As well, you’ll find a link to the full judgment on the Maritime Law Book site.

Of course, you can subscribe to our selected case summaries by RSS or by email. Links to both these subscription options appear in the sidebar here and on the MLB-Slaw Selected Case Summaries website.

We hope you find this new service useful and look forward to hearing from you about your experiences with it.


  1. Gary P. Rodrigues

    Maritime Law Book continues to demonstrate an ability to innovate that others have failed to achieve.

    So far this month, MLB has launched a new website that has been highly praised by John Davis in his most recent post entitled “Maritime Law Book, Javascipt, HTML Forms and the Post Method”.

    Now Simon Fodden has announced that a selection of MLB summaries will become a weekly feature of Slaw.

    Not bad at all for a small company that has never achieved the recognition that its many accomplishments warrant,

    Bravo to Eric. Bravo to the MLB Team. Bravo to Simon.

  2. The link to the RSS feed in the post should be (not /feed).

  3. Thanks, RSS. Fixed.

  4. A nice addition to, thanks to all involved.

    One small point for improvement: please make the links direct, rather than via a redirection service (e.g.,

    Some links might look a bit unweildy, but it can be helpful to see what they are before clicking. The summaries are not limited to 140 characters, so the link-shortening should not be necessary.

  5. Hi David

    Thanks for your comment. The full links are woefully long, however we could use link text. I understand your concern about link shorteners; however, in this case, by definition, they’re going to take you to the Maritime Law Book site and the page for the full case.