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Election Today: Vote

May we suggest that you be sure to vote today. It looks from advanced polls as though the turnout might be larger than anticipated, which would make a pleasing surprise.

And if our gentle encouragement isn’t enough, perhaps the fact that Google’s Doodle of the day features the election will move you to action.

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My Heroes List

Hero defined: a man of distinguished courage or ability or a man who has acquired wisdom and virtue.

I have kept a list of heroes for many years. I suspect that the list reveals a good deal about my views on several subjects. The list is as follows:

1. Cecil A. Wright (1904-1967)

Wright was known to all as Caesar. Wright earned a Ph.D. in law from Harvard in the 1920s. He later taught and became Dean at Osgoode Hall Law School when it was located in downtown Toronto. In 1949 Osgoode was the only law school in Ontario. In . . . [more]

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Ontario Ministry of Labour Squeezed Between McNeil Duty and Inspector Privacy Rights

The Grievance Settlement Board’s March 28th privacy award made for some sensational headlines that decried the Ontario Ministry of Labour’s disregard for occupational health and safety inspector privacy by undertaking CPIC checks without consent. The headlines do not do justice to the difficult and significant issue dealt with in the award that relates to the MOL’s obligation to disclose information about inspectors pursuant to the Supreme Court of Canada decision in R. v. McNeil.

The Supreme Court issued McNeil in January 2009. The Court held that the Crown is not a single entity for the purposes of its prosecutorial . . . [more]

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Google Doodle Celebrates London’s 1851 World’s Fair

One hundred sixty years ago London invited the world to the Great Exhibition of the Works of Industry of All Nations held in the new and astonishing Crystal Palace. The Google Doodle for today commemorates this event, and, as is the case lately with these doodles, this graphic is interactive. Your cursor over the doodle becomes a magnifying glass, letting you see details with greater clarity — including a number of miniature animations.

The Crystal Palace, originally erected in Hyde Park, threw a glass roof over 990,000 square feet of space. The building was moved and altered considerably in . . . [more]

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Sony Responds to Playstation Data Theft

Sony responded today to the theft of data from Playstations in a press release today.

The breach earlier this month was one of the largest in history, and involved names, addresses, and potentially credit card information for up to 77 million users. Sony claims any credit card information would have been encrypted, limiting the use of the sensitive data to the hackers.

A number of governments are already inquiring into the breach, and there is talk of civil actions as well. Users were particularly upset that they were not informed of the breach immediately.

Sony thanked customers for their loyalty, . . . [more]

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